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Mindset Board Game


Mindset Board Game

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The in-house designed Mindset Board Game introduces the ideas of Growth and Fixed mindsets though gameplay. A Fixed mindset views abilities and character as fixed traits while a Growth mindset views them as changeable traits.

Individuals who adopt a Growth mindset are more likely to embrace challenges, persevere in the face of obstacles, put in more effort to gain mastery, are open to criticism, and find lesson and inspiration in the success of others. As a result, they achieve more.

Through this session, participants will discover themselves the difference between Growth and Fixed mindsets and gain awareness of Growth Mindset messages.


  • Discover the difference between Growth and Fixed mindsets.
  • Gain awareness of 4 ways of Growth Mindset thinking:
  1. We can improve our character and abilities with effort
  2. We can grow with challenges
  3. We can learn from criticism 
  4. We can learn from the success of others


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