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Based on cognitive behavioural therapy, ‘Let’s Unpack This’ is a conversational card game that will help players identify their deep-seated beliefs and how it affects their emotions and actions.

Conversations that Matter

Based research, these cards help players be more aware of their negative emotions and beliefs. Building on this awareness, you can reframe their beliefs towards more constructive outcomes.

Get ready to dive deep into your subconscious and resurface a more self-aware person!

We asked old and new friends to play Let’s Unpack This. Here’s what happened.



Inspired by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), an approach used by psychologists to treat mental health conditions

Reframe Negative Beliefs 

With step-by-step instructions, the game guides players to reframe their negative beliefs to something more constructive

Strengthen Relationships

Encourages deep conversations between players. In this process, they can understand one another better while strengthening relationships

Suitable for Anyone

Suitable for anyone, including counsellors, psychologists, and teachers, to help unpack emotions for the people they work with

Hear what other say!

I absolutely LOVE this game. I’ve played it twice with the same group of people, and each time, the discoveries and insights we get about our situation are sooo invaluable. The cards do an incredible job of providing a framework and flow of how to talk about complex emotions and unpack situations and feelings that one may not understand.

Cheryl Ho

Let’s unpack this is the perfect card game for individuals to reflect upon their emotions through a casual and easygoing medium. It was a great way for my partner and I to talk about our feelings in a fun and simple way ?

Clarissa Wemple

This game helped me realise not just my own issues and problems, but also helped me understand what my partner is going through as well. I find that this game is really good for people who have trouble opening up to others, and this really helps deeply connect relationship in families, friends and partners.

Rachel Chan

The card game is a 5/5 for me because it helps us to understand why we’re feeling a certain emotion during an activating event. It helps us to identify and know our belief system better while also shedding light on how we can improve it. The best part? You grow together with your friends.

Cindy Lee

Let’s Unpack this is a bold and interesting concept that gets you hooked a minute into the game. It strips down all awkwardness and allows players to have an honest conversation, making it a safe space with no judgements. There is no game like this in the market and we strongly recommend this for folks who want to have honest conversations.

Clarence Ching

I thought this game was such a fun way to open up about our negative feelings. I think as a society, it’s hard to create an environment that truly encourages these kinds of discussions, but I think the prompts and guiding questions provided were helpful — not only in getting us to reflect and articulate the whys of these emotions but also exploring the hows to combat them when they arise.

Melia Sin

One of the most unique games I have played. It really brings to light the unspoken topic of mental health which is ironically so prevalent in everyone. A really meaningful and well thought through game!!

Daniel Tan

I absolutely enjoyed the game. It was designed in such a way that created such a nice flow that slowly allowed us to venture into the more reserved parts of our emotional psyche that we ourselves were unaware of … Every time you play would be completely new … I would 100% recommend it.


I conducted a session during one of my men’s group-work & feedback has it that they’d better identify themselves with those chosen cards thus expressing how they feel inside a lot easier … “Let’s Unpack” is a good break away from our usual mini lecture segment on managing emotions which could be dull & dry, at times … Thank you, Happiness Initiative!

Steve Boey

Time for you to Unpack!

Let’s Unpack This is a conversational card game designed to help players identify and reframe their negative beliefs.

Inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the game provides step-by-step instructions that guide players through deep conversations about their emotions and beliefs. With the help of other players, they can gain new insights into their thought patterns and learn how to reframe negative beliefs towards more constructive outcomes.

The game is suitable for anyone, including mental health professionals, teachers, and individuals seeking personal growth. Through the process of unpacking negative emotions, players can understand one another better and build stronger relationships. Let’s Unpack This is a fun and engaging way to explore your beliefs and emotions and build self-awareness.

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