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What Truly Matters Card Game

(42 customer reviews)


What Truly Matters is a conversational card game that explores what truly matters in three domains – career, love, and personal growth.

Through thought-provoking questions and prompts, players can reflect on their values, goals, and aspirations, and engage in meaningful conversations.

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What Truly Matters is a unique conversational card game based on the concept of Life Crafting, designed to encourage players to reflect on and explore what truly matters in three domains – Love, Personal Growth, and Career.

With 150 beautifully designed cards featuring thought-provoking questions and prompts, players can engage in meaningful conversations about their values, goals, and aspirations in the three domains. The game creates a safe and supportive space for players to share their self-reflections, allowing others to provide feedback, perspectives, and inspiration.

It’s a perfect game for players to share with friends, family, or colleagues to deepen connections and gain new insights into what truly matters in life.

This game is designed for ages 12+ and can be played with your friends, family and even yourself!



  • Research-Based
    The game is based on the concept of life crafting, which encourages players to reflect on and explore important topics in three domains – Love, Personal Growth, and Career.


  • 150 Thought-Provoking Cards
    With 150 beautifully designed cards featuring thought-provoking questions and prompts, players can engage in meaningful conversations about their values, goals, and aspirations.


  • Self-Facilitating
    The game is designed to be self-facilitating, so players can easily play without the need for a professional facilitator to guide the discussions.


  • Deepens Connections
    By sparking meaningful conversations, the game helps to deepen connections between players and gain new insights into what truly matters in life, creating a sense of community and strengthening relationships.



  • Instruction Booklet
  • Instruction Cards
  • 5 Response Cards
  • 3 decks of 50 cards: Love, Personal Growth and Career
  • Spotlight Token


For bulk orders (20 or more copies), please do reach out to us at store@happinessinitiative.sg!

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Weight 0.440 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 9.6 × 3.1 cm
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42 reviews for What Truly Matters Card Game

  1. Kinnard

    An exciting and fun way to gather insights about yourself and the people around you!

  2. YJ

    It’s a really good conversation starter and helps us to connect beyond the surface

  3. Pei Wen

    It’s a good game because it makes you reflect and take time to question yourself on things you don’t often think about.

  4. Monika

    I feel like it was a good game to really get to know someone on a deeper level

  5. Vivien Tan

    It helps broaden our mindset and question what we truly believe in. Good game to feel our inner being.

  6. Leanne

    The questions resonated with the group and the questions were very good prompters to get us started in reflecting which is often hard (like what do we even think of as a start in an intentional way?). Many learnings through the group’s sharing.

  7. Nava

    What truly matters is a great game to bring a group of people (strangers or friends) together and have deeper and purposeful conversations with the help of guided questions!

  8. Christina

    Great thought provoking questions for good conversation starters!

  9. Lennard

    What Truly Matters is a game that sparks off conversations into personal values and beliefs, allowing players to be more aware of their lives and challenge themselves to gain clarity on what’s important to them.

  10. Mich

    It is fun and explorative where I could get to learn more about the people at my table yet at the same time, think about my own insights. The comments, questions and feedbacks from my group mates were helpful and it allows me to think in advance of my next steps.

  11. Jinxuan

    The prompts were well-crafted that engaged us in deep and meaningful conversations. I am looking forward to play all the decks with my friends and family!

  12. Kenneth

    It was very fun and effective for breaking the ice with the group I played it with! We were strangers, but after the game it was like we’d been friends for a long time.

  13. Jaz

    Amazing card game that helps you to unlock deep insights and get your questions answered through meaningful sharing of stories. Try it out yourself. Highly recommended!

  14. Grace T.

    Not only does the cards provide time for self-awareness, reflection and the opportunity to learn to share, the questions and observations from others help deepen that discussion and reflection, and affirm positive beliefs we have. It is an inspiration and motivating session.

  15. Angie

    The game has honest “promptors” where we in the group are encouraged to share more about ourselves and think about what we want to do next, where and why we make certain decisions in life (what motivates us)

  16. Venus

    What truly matters games is a great & important reminder to me – living in such busy city it is always easy to get lost and forget about what truly matters to me and what make me happy! It helped me to get my focus back and leading me to a happier & fulfilling life!

  17. Bryan Lee

    The game allows me to connect with the people and strangers which help me appreciate the various perspectives shared.

  18. Gladdys

    Opens up conversations with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers! I’m going to bring it everywhere with me now!

  19. Anjel

    It was interesting to hear the responses from other people to gain new perspectives & experience validation.

  20. Si Yu

    Uncover what truly matters, and find new truths about yourself while talking about and making tough decisions:)

  21. Joseph

    Good conversations came from these cards! Fun’s in the “universe” asking you these questions

  22. Ling

    Game that opens up conversations and new perspectives to our own narratives

  23. Ying Ka Ho

    The game provides a good direction for a deeper discussion.

  24. Alvin

    Playing the Truly matters card game allows me to understand myself better. I enjoyed the card game a lot.

  25. Betsy Tan

    Truly meaningful activity and wonderful discussion

  26. Bobs

    The game enable strangers to come together and connect.

  27. MH

    It is good for self reflection and also opening my thoughts

  28. Amy Ng

    It was fun. We shared. We connected. We learned

  29. Rachel

    Such a great deck of cards to help people break the ice and learn about one another

  30. Justin Lai

    A great ice-breaker and window into each of our lives!

  31. James Soh

    Conversation opener, great tools

  32. Jee Su Giam

    Thanks for my team sharing. I think we could extend this game to the large community. Good day

  33. HK

    Thought provoking game. Food for self reflection through the game

  34. ML

    It makes you really think about what you want aloud.

  35. NT

    Enjoyable time which opens conversations ☺️

  36. Ethan

    It is a interesting and unconventional way of learning about other people.

  37. Sim Le Xuan

    I really enjoyed playing ‘What Truly Matters’ and it is amazing that it has enabled the four of us to become from strangers to friends and thank yall for providing that safe space and open-mindedness to talk about your experiences ????. As someone who was shy at first, it truly allowed me to open up and be vulnerable seeing as everyone started to share their thoughts and feelings on the various topic. Will really recommend if you want to build deeper connections with your friends or loved ones (even if it might feel abit awkward at first!) ?

  38. Felicia Cheryl

    I personally enjoyed it sooooooo much!! I was so scared of how our group will b cuz we don’t really know each other and I love how it turned out ?????? thanks y’all for the different perspectives and having kind of the safe space to share personal experiences and it’s a good to have the “lets unpack this” for a extensive intense talk especially when you are diving deep into different aspects of personal life, this game really helps people build up kindness and practice active listening as you have to listen to what people say and follow the instructions of (ask, share, observe, encourage, appreciate) it’s a good conversational starter to dive deep and talk?

  39. Meleena Rose

    Always love this kind of games and I’m so happy to be part of this 🙂 The gameplay was curated so well and all the questions really makes one think deep. I’ll def be playing this with my new housemates so we can all get to know each other more! Haha

  40. @raematrix

    This game is EXACTLY what we need in this time – where we are hungry for human connection through deeper conversation! This game facilitates conversations to delve into topics that really matter, so we can quickly get past small talk and into real talk in the least awkward way possible. I think this is also great as journal prompts for personal self-awareness as well.

  41. Felipe

    ‘What Truly Matters’ is a beautifully illustrated and crafted game. I enjoyed this conversation starter game with my colleagues as it allowed us to talk about meaningful topics as well as provided a safe space for us to respond to one another. Indeed, I share similar sentiments with the other reviewers when I say that this game allows us to have deeper conversations. This game also gave us a chance to reflect and understand one another better. Companies should consider using this game for cohesion activities. Thumbs up to the game creator for sharing this novel conversation starter!

  42. Emily

    Truly a FUN game to engage people through meaningful conversations!

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